Chronogauss is out! Click here to download!

Chronogauss Beta is over! Release is pending. Currently looking for a solid distribution partner. Stay tuned...


HeadDesk Laboratories has concocted a beta version of Chronogauss, a 3D puzzle game. The beta program allows select individuals to test the game before it is officially released. To be a part of the beta programme, click the "chronogauss beta" image above and complete the application form to be considered for inclusion.

Chronogauss is being finished off as we speak. After being completed as an EPOC, it will be released as a limited beta to a closed group of testers. After testing, it shall be released free to the public. Hold on to your oven mits!

Looking for volunteer MacOS porter. If you're a talented MacOS developer that can port our C++ video game engine to MacOS, contact us. There is currently no funding allocated for this so we cannot pay you, but in return you'll get access to our projects and be a part of the team.

06/12/2009 is open for business! The new (and first) HeadDesk website is now up and running. Please browse the site at your leisure. Be sure to wash your hands after you've been to the bathroom and remain between the yellow lines at all times. Thank you!