Welcome to HeadDesk Laboratories. For your safety, and of those around you, please ensure you have your goggles, labcoat and hardhat on at all times.

HeadDesk Laboratories is an independent Australian cross-platform video games developer. Established in 2008, HeadDesk currently holds a number of video game concepts based on original IP, with prototypes being developed for several. Navigate to the Games section to see current HeadDesk titles.

The HeadDesk team is dedicated to trying original video game concepts. That is, rehashed ideas (FPS, anyone?) are something you will not see here. Albeit small, the team at HeadDesk have big ideas. If it's weird, wonderful, noodle-baking or just outright bizzare, you've come to the right place. We also offer a number of external services.

With the exception of the sculptures, HeadDesk can provide all of these to you on a budget that suits. Call to discuss what HeadDesk can do for you. Oh, and try not to sully the carpet... we just had it dry cleaned.