Chronogauss (2008)
Chronogauss is a game of logic, time, patience and sheer obscurity. Play as a small metallic sphere in the great void of space. Navigate large mechanical systems of magnetic blocks, solve logical puzzles, and meet a few original characters along the way. Chronogauss combines raw puzzler gameplay with that of an adventure game. Using magnetism as your core mode of locomotion, the player must collect enough powercores to open the exit gates at the end of each level. Along the way, the player is faced with unlocking or destroying strange contraptions that hinder progress. Onward, adventurer! Chronogauss is a prototype game and is available as a free download for Linux and Windows.

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Hexahedra Anima (2009)
Currently under the working title of "Hexahedra Anima", or HHA for short, this game is an action block-buster. Get it? HHA aims to be a fast, visually stunning action puzzle game the likes of which have only been dreamed of by the gods themselves. The player controls a small, lab-produced A.I. entity that is under threat of being destroyed after obtaining self-awareness. Escape and move through vast computer networks, systems and transit hubs on your way to a remote laboratory where your creators have taken shelter from those out to destroy the project.

.assembly (2009)
.assembly is a mobile game about... assembling things. It is a raw puzzler down to the very core. .assembly engages the player in the task of assembling pieces into a whole using only a limited number of tools and with strict timing constraints. Unfortunately due to the unique nature of this IP, no more can be said at this stage. A prototype is in development.